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Strategic Sponsorship Management
We handle all aspects of a company's management of sponsorships from identification, ranking, evaluation, and selection to post event analysis. We provide clients with experienced senior management from beginning to end.  We clarify sponsorship goals and develop a productive partner relationship for companies and events/venues. And, everything is managed within budget parameters.

Sponsorship Consultation
Venue Partners can consult with events and venues, assisting them with the identification of their most sponsorable assets, providing recommendations for changes or improvements to the property to make it more attractive and valuable.

Driving Value Through Sponsorship

​Sponsorship Development/Sales
This service involves building a comprehensive corporate sponsorship program, including title and naming rights, for venues and events. We produce revenue for these events and venues by finding great sponsorship matches with companies that want to gain marketing exposure.  We know why companies sponsor, how they research opportunities and how they budget.  We also address key sponsor requirements such as ROI, targeting markets, and driving traffic and sales.  We maximize sponsorship revenue by successfully valuing, prospecting, selling, and negotiating the sponsorship opportunity.

Contract Negotiations
Venue Partners is directly in charge of negotiating high dollar sponsorship agreements for clients, including title sponsorships, naming rights, and contracts. We work closely with clients to develop the best strategy and parameters for win-win negotiations that include preparation of written letters of intent and agreements.

Sponsorship Fulfillment/Activation Services
Far too many sponsorship agencies stop when the contract is signed.  Venue Partners is recognized as a leader in activation implementation to assure each sponsor's and client’s interest is properly represented and all benefits are fulfilled to secure maximum impact.  Venue Partners manages this process every step of the way.